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Golf across Borders, Ireland

Martin's Chateau Du Lac, Genval

Martin's Chateau Du Lac, Genval

Carne Golf Links 2016

Carne Golf Links 2016

Smiles galore during the NAU Hotels & Resorts Media Trip.

Smiles galore during the NAU Hotels & Resorts Media Trip.

EGTMA donates €800 to the First Tee of Ireland during last year's NWCL Challenge.

EGTMA Members at McGrory's of Culdaff, Donegal.

The EGTMA was founded in 2006 upon request by a number of Golf & Travel Media professionals from all over Europe crying out for an organisation to adapt to the changing media landscape. The aim is to bring together all aspects of the modern golf media ... writers, broadcasters, photographers, website editors, bloggers and others who contribute to all sorts of the modern media coverage into the golf and travel landscape.

The EGTMA is an organisation funded by memberships with Colin and Ethel Farquharson as Honorary Presidents and Jo Maes as acting President and taking care of the day to day management.

The EGTMA creates promotional opportunities for the various destinations EGTMA members are fortunate to visit.

There have been many destinations that have received promotion through the EGTMA and some of them have gone on to win various tourism awards not as a result of EGTMA promotion but undoubtedly with a little help from our members. 

We need to recognise the value our members bring to the organisation and through the various media outlets they represent. 

Jo Maes, President.

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

Memories of 10 years EGTMA events !

All photography provided by EGTMA Members



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