PAR4OUR LTD is a Multi Competency Golf Consultancy Company.

Our core competencies are golf club management, audit, marketing, PR, media representation, event management, golf travel organisation, copywriting, translation, website analysis, social media … We provide services to golf clubs, resorts, tourist boards, federations, tee sheet operators, third party resellers …

Organise Bespoke Golf Trips to Ireland and Belgium

If you've been to Ireland before, you know exactly what awaits you ... if you haven't been, prepare to be wowed at every turn. Ireland is a fascinating country. The views and landscape are out of this world and that's why the world's biggest movies and tv shows are filmed here ... Braveheart, Private Ryan, King Arthur, the latest Star Wars and currently Game of Thrones. There is the pub scene with the pints of Guinness and obviously the music, U2, the Waterboys, the Dubliners, the Corrs, the Cranberries, the Pogues, Van Morrison, Snow Patrol, Thin Lizzy ... the list goes on and on, The golfers aren't bad either starting with the O'Connor's Sr. and Jr., Padraig Harrington, Clarke, McDowell, McIlroy, Shane Lowry, Fred Daly, Paul McGinley … all hail from Ireland. All the above will make you fall in love with Ireland and the golf played at the Emerald Isle.



In today's economy, there is a lot of pressure on time. Over the past 10 years, rounds have consistently dropped because golf is too difficult, too expensive and takes too much time.  The combination of increased time at the office, between 500 to 1400 additional hours a year and with more time spent at home with the kids, an additional 440 hours a year has put pressure on our time off with at least 2 1/2 hours less free time every day.  No surprise then that most our leisure activities have shrunk to two hours max. dinner, movies, workout, tennis game, quick game of cricket, 5 a side football ... no wonder weekend golfers have had to adjust too ? So, the traditional 18 holes might not fit into these ever more demanding time restraints but a quick 2 hours 9 holes might just do the trick. It still provides you with a golf experience that both challenges as relaxes you but doesn't put you under pressure from your family and work.

Golf courses can add much needed revenue allowing 9 hole play. Put the 9 hole golfers on the back 9 early in the morning so they can get a round in before work and the front 9 in the afternoon to get a round in on the way home, This way they don't interfere with your core 18 hole players. When you're clever about it, you can possibly fit in around 100 9-hole rounds a day. Work that one out for the year ! 


Online Tee Time Technology & Distribution Consultancy

Click on the image or the logo to find out where you can book tee times in Spain and Portugal.

Look for a location or specific club, pick a date and a distance and the system will provide you with a number of courses with available live and real time tee times.

Select the golf club and see the inventory for that particular day.

Booking and payment is safe and secure.

We provide Online Tee Time Technology advice and have worked with GolfSwitch, OpenTee, EZLinks, Golfspain, iMaster, OneGolfNetwork. We have extensive knowledge of the international market regarding online tee time technology and distribution channels.

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- You just got delivery of some brand new kit, is this going to cure your slice ... of course not but no better way to find out and play a quick 9 !

- You've just going through the longest winter (so it seems) ever and a break in the clouds entices you to head for the first tee and playa quick 9 !

- The Mother in Law is coming into town, one of the kids has a temperature ... they'll be in good hands, go and play a quick 9 !

- Supplies are low and the shop beckons ... you volunteer as on your way to the shop and as long you bring back the goodies you can sneak in a quick 9 !

- Days are getting longer and you have no early meetings, clear the desk, check with the starter and on your way to work, head for the first tee for a quick 9 !

- Days are getting longer and the office have all gone to the pub, there's plenty of daylight left and there is a course you drive past on your way home so plenty of time for a quick 9 !

- It's been a while so you had a lesson and the pro put you right, you can go home and let it all sink in or put it all in practice and go for a quick 9 !

- You head for the club to see if the draw for the weekend competition is up but the smell of the freshly cut fairways draws you in for a quick 9 !

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