Gerard Karas - Luxemburg

A renowned journalist from Luxemburg and works for the greatest newspaper in the country named the «Luxemburger Wort». Gerard started playing golf 35 years ago and it’s his favorite hobby. As golf writer for the economic magazine ‘Entreprise Magazine’, he writes a monthly golf page and when he met Jo Maes he immediately decided to join the EGTMA. Gerard also had a golf TV show on a Luxemburg TV channel for 3 years.

Since joining the EGTMA, Gerard has embraced the opportunities the EGTMA has provided him and went on a lot of golf trips all around Europe, played some fantastic golf courses, discovered many countries and more importantly, met a lot of great people along the way. 

Gerard is now the EGTMA’s Vice President.

In his own words … ‘My pleasure is to share all those experiences with the readers.’

Contact Details

E: gkaras@outlook.com

Member since: 2007

Mob.: +352 621 363 070

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Entreprise Magazine, Luxemburg.