Membership is available for all golf & travel media professionals based in Europe or outside. Up till now over 100 media colleagues have joined and membership allows them to be invited to the events we organise and to benefit of the network created for golf & travel media professionals. A membership card is sent out every year and keep an eye on the site to see the added benefits and reminders.

EGTMA Membership 2019

For a list of Media Invitations and Press Release, Click Here.

Membership Criteria in order to join the EGTMA are as follows ... 

Golf & Travel Writers

Submission of 5 articles written and published within the last year
Name of publication(s) that you are employed by or write for


A minimum of 10 different golf & travel editorial photographs in different articles in books, editorial publications or on the Web in the last year

Book Authors

One copy of previous book(s) still in print or published and proof from publisher of future commission

Print run should be a minimum of 5,000 copies

Radio or TV Reporters

A minimum of 30 on air minutes broadcast within the last 12 months

Radio or TV Producers

A minimum of one TV series of at least 6 episodes in the past 12 months or broadcast on a monthly basis. 

Other Media Professionals

Will be assessed on application. 

Trip Attendance

When going on an EGTMA organised trip, you must have the possibility to generate some sort of exposure about the trip. Photographers agree to give up their pictures for the EGTMA to use and for the destinations/courses to avail of.

Before attending a trip sponsors in general request submission of the following approximate date of article publication, journal title or commission details.

EGTMA Board and Contact Details

Hon. Presidents: Colin & Ethel Farquharson

President: Jo Maes (email)

Vice President: Gerard Karas (email)

Office Telephone: +353.1.442.9016 - Skype: jo_maes

Should you feel the above applies to you and you would like to avail of the benefit of membership of the EGTMA, fill in the form below and upon confirmation, send us some PDF copies, pictures or URL’s of your work.

Membership Fee has remained at €100 for the past couple of years and is unlikely to change.

We will then send you a Paypal link to pay your membership fee or you can pay via the below link.

Name *


Upon receipt of payment, you will start receiving the invitations for future EGTMA events.

Looking forward to having you on board,

Jo Maes

President of the EGTMA