A painting from 1630 by Hendrik Avercamp showing 'Kolf' being played on ice in the Netherlands.

GolfVlaanderen - The Flemish Golf federation

The game of golf in Flanders is administered by GolfVlaanderen, previously the VVG'. GolfVlaanderen is associated with the Belgian Golf Federation and the European Golf Association. The focus of GolfVlaanderen is to manage and develop the amateur game of golf and create a framework that entices people of all ages to participate. 

Their extensive work with kids has already produced one of Europe's upcoming stars in  Thomas Pieters and together with Nicolas Colsaerts and the new kid on the block Thomas Detry, they are the catalyst on which golf in Flanders is starting to develop. GolfVlaanderen is instrumental in bringing the world's top coaches like Pete Cowen to teach youngsters at the highest level.  

A new and recent initiative is that GolfVlaanderen, in conjunction with the Flemish Tourist Board (Toerisme Vlaanderen), have now started developing a golf tourism action plan to promote Flanders as an alternative destination for golfers worldwide ... often combined with gastronomy, history, fashion and sight seeing.